IO-Link - Valves with IO-Link interface

IO-Link - Minimum Effort – Maximum Benefits

Standardized wiring and an electronic name plate make commissioning easier and increase availability.

Connecting hydraulic systems via IO-Link

IO-Link allows end-to-end communication with sensors and actuators, irrespective of the field bus used.

The proportional valves used in hydraulic systems now fit into bidirectional digital communication – intelligently, simply and cost-effectively. This simplifies commissioning in hardware and software and allows flexible adjustment of hydraulic valves for varying production processes.

Increased requirements for flexible machinery and systems are now complied with.

The expanded diagnostic information allows status-oriented and predictive maintenance concepts and significantly reduces downtimes and maintenance times. This helps to increase the availability of machines.

IO-Link also integrates the hydraulic valves used into connected structures in a future-proof manner – as fully-fledged Industry 4.0 components.

Customer benefits

What are the benefits of IO-Link?

Standardized wiring and an electronic name plate make commissioning easier and increase availability

Open standard for bi-directional point-to-point connections parallel to the field bus

Would you like... make multi-pole wiring of intelligent valves easier?

Our response to this is clear:
IO-Link allows anything from electric motors and sensors to hydraulic valves to be connected easily and in a standardized manner.

Reduced costs
Easy connection with standard cables and M12 connectors

Would you like... make multi-pole wiring of intelligent valves easier?
...standardized cables for all sensors and actuators to reduce your stock levels? lay cables easily and cheaply while saving space in the process?

Our response to this is clear:
With a standardized interface, IO-Link allows the use of standardized, unshielded 3 or 5-core cables with M12 connectors!

Efficient engineering
Plug and produce, no additional engineering tools necessary.

Would you like...
...access to valve statuses and parameters on a sensor and valve level without having to integrate each component into a field bus system? change parameters depending on your production processes? prevent damage to machines owing to mix-ups when replacing components but without complex programming work on control systems?

Our response to this is clear:
IO-Link is a simple point-to-point connection between the master and the device. No IP address is required for this. Thanks to the specification and IODD device description, the devices can be clearly identified. The interface is a bi-directional, digital one which allows fault-free data exchange as far as the last meters in the field.

High system availability
Data for predictive maintenance and quick device replacement

Would you like... localize your components quickly in order to reduce system downtimes?

Our response to this is clear:
During commissioning, the user can specify a location marker which is stored in the valve. The device data are also available in the IODD.

Industry 4.0-capable
Hydraulic components for vertical flow of information

Would you like...
...additional information regarding a valve for predictive maintenance?

Our response to this is clear:
IO-Link valves record the running time and temperature and produce a histogram with details of the running time/temperature range with three set thresholds. This information can be retrieved via the interface if necessary.


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IO-Link Presentation

Detailed information about IO-Link as Powerpoint presentation.


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