IFB - Hydraulic field bus valves

IFB - Hydraulic field bus valves

Hydraulic goes digital!
IFB proportional directional control valves with a Multi-Ethernet interface reduce system costs and offer integrated safety.

IFB – Hydraulic field bus valves

Simple connectivity – high level of functionality and safety

Thanks to the integrated safety interface which allows a single-channel shut-off, the costs of safety applications are reduced. The integrated control functions for pressure and force control help to reduce your planning and commissioning outlay.

Customer benefits

What advantages do modern field bus valves offer?

They can be integrated into the control architecture regardless of the control system manufacturer

Would you like...
...to replace an analog interface with a high-performance Ethernet protocol?

Our response to this is clear:
With their integrated multi-Ethernet technology, proportional directional control valves offer all relevant field bus protocols:
Sercos, EtherCat, Profinet, EthernetIP, Powerlink, Varan

Reduced costs
Integrated control and safety shut-down in accordance with EN13849

Would you like...
...to integrate a decentralized control system assembly for pressure or force control from the control cabinet into the field and reduce your wiring outlay?

Our response to this is clear:
Valve-integrated pressure and force controllers help to reduce your engineering costs. In addition, IFB valves have an M12 interface allowing you to integrate internal or external pressure sensors quickly.

Does your application...
...require safety in accordance with the EN13849 machinery directive?

Our response to this is clear:
Thanks to the integrated safety interface (EN13849 Kat4Ple), you can stop your hydraulic axis safely or specify a safe direction.

Efficient engineering
Intuitive software tool for fast parametrization and configuration. Complex programming is a thing of the past!

Would you like...
...to avoid programming complex control algorithms in your control system which reduce performance owing to control tasks?

Our response to this is clear:
VHighly dynamic digital control electronics allows accurate hydraulic pressure and force control without limiting the performance of your control system.

High system availability
Data for predictive maintenance and quick device replacement

Do you have...
...exacting requirements as regards accuracy and do you need short sampling times?

Our response to this is clear:
The valve controller is optimally tailored to dynamic directional control valves and with short cycle times (< 1 ms) allows a high level of accuracy and quick cycle times.

Industry 4.0-capable
Hydraulic components for vertical flow of information

Would you like...
...additional information/data change for a valve for predictive maintenance, monitoring, process data adjustment etc.?

Our response to this is clear:
IFB high-response valves allow access to all important parameters via the selected field bus, regardless of whether you would like to increase machine availability, achieve quick diagnostics or carry out predictive maintenance.







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