Valves with integrated axis controller

IAC - Multi Ethernet valves

High-response directional valves, direct or pilot operated, with integrated digital axis controller (IAC Multi Ethernet)

IAC (Integrated Axis Controller) control valves with Multi-Ethernet interface for position-, force-, pressure- and alternating control (4WRPDH / 4WRLD).


Best-in-Class hydraulic ontrollers

High power and

Flow >0 l/min up to 4700 l/min


Cabinet free design

service life

Extended ambient temperature


Size 6 to size 35

Simplify Your Design
  • Comprehensive product portfolio tailored to specific customer needs
  • Open connectivity - Sercos & Multi-Ethernet communication, fast and easy connection to 3rd-party hardware
  • Cabinet free controllers with open standards
  • Safety on board: designed according to EN 13849-1
Streamline Your Installation
  • Commissioning reduction provided by application-specific functionality
  • Optimized hydraulic controller – Standardizes hydraulics, reduces training and knowledge requirements
  • IndraWorks DS software provides a comprehensive framework for installation, administration, programming and diagnostics
Minimize Your Downtime
  • Status monitoring and diagnosis evaluations of process variables
  • Downtime reduction via online support and local area product specialists
  • Robust and reliable, designed for protection class IP65
Maximize Your Productivity
  • Longer lifetime via extended ambient temperature range = -20° - 60° C continuous operation
  • Best-in-class hydraulic controller –mechanical wear compensation for greater machine productivity
  • Increased flow capacity and higher operational speeds