Hägglunds drives

Hägglunds Drive Systems

Drive System supplying power, torque and speed to customer requirements

Hägglunds Drive Systems

Drive System supplying power, torque and speed to customer requirements.

Beyond Limits:

Extremely Compact

Benchmark in compactness

Long Lifetime

Intelligent condition monitoring

Highly Energy Efficient

Use of a variable speed pump drive

Wide Product Range

Configurable system for unlimited combinations

Simplify Your Design
  • Modularized design enables infinite combinations
  • Standard base modules for perfect customer adoptions
  • Benchmark in compactness
  • Intelligent control system for optimized system functionality
  • Perfectly dimensioned to application requirements
Streamline Your Installation
  • Flexible installation fitted to customer needs
  • Compact design with small floor space
  • Intelligent drive module with a number of fieldbus interfaces for communication
Minimize Your Downtime
  • Reliable performance at tough conditions
  • Dimensioning tools for system optimization
  • Integrated system and application know-how – secures reliability
  • Intelligent condition-monitoring – temperature, pressure , flow and contamination sensors – for maximized customer uptime
Maximize Your Productivity
  • Increased productivity while lowering lifecycle costs
  • Variable speed for optimized trough put
  • Instant start and stop when required
  • Configurable system – unlimited possible combinations to fulfill the installations and function requirements for maximized productivity
  • Optimized design for maximized productivity in any application

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