CytroConnect - Realtime monitoring


The digital service for Industrial Hydraulics.


Hydraulics meets Internet of Things

With CytroConnect you can benefit from state of the art IoT technology in combination with Rexroth hydraulics knowhow. Through our browser based dashboard you have access to all relevant indicators – whether using your laptop or mobile device – to fasten up troubleshooting and maintenance. In case of machine warnings or alerts, especially during unmanned shifts, you receive a direct notification to avoid greater damage of your system. Based on our domain knowledge, in combination with self-learning algorithm, we always know the current status of all components. Using this information we help you to reduce unplanned downtime, increase productivity and improve your spare part forecast – act instead of react.

Intelligent prevention of machine downtimes

Having the possibility to choose between different AddOn´s you can select the best option for your application. Starting with a simple dashboard, various additional packages – up to a full service contract – can be easily booked. Detailed information and the functional range of the individual AddOn´s can be found below.


Your web-based monitoring service.

CytroConnect MONITOR provides you with the current component and operating status as well as the data of the last 24 hours. The collected data are transmitted via Multi-Ethernet or LTE to the browser-based web dashboard and are available on any device (tablet, smartphone, PC). This plug-and-play service is for example implemented as standard in the CytroBox and can be used without any additional installation effort.


Your digital maintenance manual.

Using CytroConnect MAINTAIN you have full access to all historical data and can export them via API. Based on rule-based analysis, we inform you about the current status of your components. In case of deviations, e.g. if the recommended oil operating temperature is exceeded, we will automatically inform you by Push Notification. This allows you to react in time, even in the case of unmanned shifts, before damage or even failure occurs. In addition, we regularly provide you performance and usage reports to help you optimize your application.


Your predictive maintenance tool.

CytroConnect PREDICT provides a predictive analytics of the system based on self-learning algorithms. In case of deviations, the system automatically calculates the expected lifetime of the affected component and informs you by push message. In order to plan necessary maintenance activities in time this predictive maintenance services ensure maximum availability and simplify the storage of spare parts.


Your personal Rexroth Service contract.

CytroConnect ODiN offers you a service contract tailored to your application. In addition to predictive analytics, based on self-learning algorithms, our experts are available to answer your questions. A customized quarterly report informs you regularly about the status of your application. In the event of potential failure of individual components, our service experts will contact you directly and offer you a recommendation how to proceed.

Simplify Your Design
  • Plug & Play service, without additional installation effort
  • AddOn`s easy to activate
  • Free and continuous updates of all modules
Streamline Your Installation
  • Web-based activation of the service without programming knowledge - independent of end devices
  • Pre-implemented functionalities and low configuration effort
  • Pre-installed activatable 4G-LTE network connection for data transmission
Minimize Your Downtime
  • Notification of the status of the most important components via CytroConnect Maintain - for a quick response
  • Predictive analysis of the system by CytroConnect Predict - for maximum availability
Maximize Your Productivity
  • Free basic service via CytroConnect Monitor - the browser-based web dashboard
  • Information about current operating status and essential status indicators on any terminal device (tablet, smartphone, PC)
  • Evaluation of the recorded parameters by CytroConnect Maintain - for efficient maintenance planning

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