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Discover this world innovation of Hydraulics!
New ways of thinking and new design approaches are what make hydraulic power units the key components in the efficient and intelligent factory of the future.

CytroBox – Discover this world innovation of Hydraulics!

Today, the latest power units already boost efficiency in production with their energy-efficient operation, innovative design and intelligent connectivity. With CytroBox, we are revolutionizing hydraulic supply units and are sustainably changing people’s perception of hydraulics. We are writing a new chapter in the history of hydraulic drive technology.

The Future of Hydraulics conserves on energy.

Less Consumption.
More Efficiency.

The new CytroBox raises the level of production to the next higher plane. This newest generation of hydraulic power units for medium-range performance from 7.5 kW to 30 kW impresses with its intelligent combination of speed variability, synchronous motor and axial piston pump, which make the power unit even more efficient than comparable components.

Efficient power package with sophisticated energy management

Latest-generation power unit
The Next Level

The latest-generation hydraulic power unit for medium-power applications (7.5 kW to 30 kW) raises product standards to the next level.

Smart combination
Perfect coordination

The all-in-one power unit impresses with its smart combination of speed variability, synchronous motors and axial piston pumps, which make the power unit even more efficient than comparable components. This is thanks to the ideal combination of servo motor and pump, as well as needs-based energy consumption.

Variable-speed pump drive
Energy accordion to demand

Preset controllers in variable-speed pump drives adjust the energy requirements of the machine to match the particular conditions. Consequently, the speed is reduced under partial or no load to save energy, and conversely increased under full load with a highly dynamic response.

Reduced energy consumption
80% energy savings

Up to 80 percent energy saving compared to constantly driven power units are achieved through the use of variable-speed pump drives.

The Future of Hydraulics is uncompromisingly compact.

Less Space.
More Power.

If machine manufacturers want to make their production fit for the future, they need new and intelligent machines and hydraulic drives which can be flexibly installed in a space-saving way. Which is why the CytroBox combines everything in a single housing. The all-in-one power unit combines a small base area with a novel and compact design.

Full performance in the smallest installation space

All-in-one power unit
Innovative design concept

The all-in-one power unit CytroBox combines a small footprint with a novel and compact design. This innovative design concept also includes a tank with optimized degassing and flow.

Reduced oil volume
75% less

Thanks to a CFD simulation, the oil volume is reduced by 75 percent – from 600 liters to a mere 150 liters.

Space-saving synchronous technology
Powerful synchronous motors

The use of synchronous technology also has a space-saving effect. Powerful synchronous motors with a length of only 400 mm and a diameter of 200 mm are up to 90 percent smaller than comparable asynchronous motors.

Better dynamics and energy density
More performance. More benefits.

Further advantages of synchronous technology are greater dynamics and increased energy density.

Innovative water cooling concept
Renunciation of cooling pipes

In addition to the compact components, the innovative water cooling concept makes all coolant lines unnecessary.

Flexible and space-saving
Easy to integrate

In the new hydraulic power unit, all of these functions are combined in a compact control cabinet. As a result, the CytroBox can be integrated into existing production lines in a flexible, space-saving manner.

The Future of Hydraulics is connected.

Less Surprises.
More Availability.

Hydraulics meets the Internet of Things

The integrated CytroConnect IoT service ensures higher availability and avoids unplanned downtimes. With this IoT service, operators can monitor operating statuses and plan maintenance in a cost-effective manner. As a result, fluid technology has taken a further step towards the factory of the future.

In addition to the CytroBox’s automatic status monitoring, maintenance personnel and maintenance managers can add extra solutions for various applications as add-ons.

These pay-per-use payment models include additional IoT analysis tools and can be subscribed to on a monthly basis.

Cleverly connected to condition monitoring

CytroConnect Monitor
CytroConnect Monitor

With the CytroConnect Monitor, operators have all information regarding the CytroBox at their fingertips at all times. The data collected are transferred to the browser-based CytroConnect Monitor web dashboard via Multi-Ethernet or 4G-LTE. As a result, operators can be kept up to date regarding the current operating status and key status indicators on any end device (tablet, smartphone, PC). This plug and play service is free of charge and can be used without additional installation work. CytroConnect is implemented in the CytroBox as standard.

CytroConnect Maintain
CytroConnect Maintain

With CytroConnect Maintain, data concerning the most important components for reliability and operating life (the hydraulic oil and the drive unit) are assessed. Comprehensive insights into the correlation between the speed of the servo motor and the flow allow the monitoring of system leakage, while correlations between motor data and the operating pressure allow conclusions regarding drive behavior. The leakage sensor, temperature and level sensor, particle sensor, water sensor and oxygen sensor are additional data sources which can be used to make a status diagnosis.

CytroConnect Predict
CytroConnect Predict

With CytroConnect Predict a predictive analysis of the system is performed for maximum system availability. In case of deviations, the system automatically calculates the expected lifetime of the affected component and immediately informs the operator via push message. Predictive maintenance applications can thus be planned in advance in the operator's maintenance plans, thus ensuring maximum availability.

Reduced energy consumption
80% energy savings

Up to 80 percent energy saving compared to constantly driven power units are achieved through the use of variable-speed pump drives.

The Future of Hydraulics is really quiet.

Less Noise Emissions.
More Flexibility.

In addition to more energy-efficient production, manufacturers should also take low-noise equipment and procedures into consideration. In accordance with the German Noise and Vibration Work Safety Ordinance (LärmVibrationsArbSchV), the daytime sound pressure level should not exceed an average of 80 to 85 dB (A) or a peak of 135 dB. The new hydraulic power unit CytroBox clearly falls below these limits.

Lower noise emission for greater comfort when working

Low-noise technology
No problems of limit values

The daytime sound pressure level should not exceed an average of 80 and 85 dB (A) or a peak of 135 dB (A). The new hydraulic power unit’s noise emissions are well below these limits.

Compact arrangement of all components
No transmitting of noise

The airborne sound is absorbed completely by the compact arrangement of all the components in one unitary housing and the built-in sound insulating mats. This way, no sound leaks out. In order to reduce noise emissions stemming from structure-borne noise, the motor pump group is rigidly affixed to a polymer-concrete foundation. The damping bearings which typically transmit the noise to the tank are completely eliminated.

Low noise emissions even at full load
Absorbtion of vibrations

The compound polymer-concrete foundation increases the inertial mass, whereby the center of gravity of the power unit is located deeper. Any vibrations which arise are absorbed efficiently. Consequently, the noise emission of the hydraulic power unit is less than 75 dB (A) – even at full load. Comparable power units have an average noise level of 85 dB (A).

Low noise pollution
Pleasant cost reduction

A low level of noise pollution reduces the need for additional measures and ensuing costs for noise reduction, and also makes working very pleasant, even in direct proximity to the hydraulic power unit.


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With the CytroBox from Bosch Rexroth, special machinery manufacturer August Mössner is exploring new routes when it comes to hydraulic supply systems. In the initial project, the integrated unit feeds a system for the rough working of engine blocks.


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