ABMAXX - Modular large power units

ABMAXX - Modular large Power Units

Faster, simpler, more productive and cost-effective!
Rexroth’s new modular system called ABMAXX speeds up the engineering and commissioning of large hydraulic power units in projects designed to modernize existing systems or construct new ones.

Rexroth’s new modular system called ABMAXX speeds up the engineering and commissioning of large hydraulic power units. The hydraulics specialists are able to create a quote complete with a hydraulic circuit diagram, parts lists, a 3D model and dimensions all within a maximum of five working days. As such, system manufacturers and end users can reduce engineering lead times alone by 80 %. The pre-configured ABMAXX modules are composed of highly available standard components. The modular approach reduces costs by up to 35 % and increases operational availability.

Simplify Your Design

Easy integration in the overall design

  • Fast feasibility study and determination of footprint
  • Compliance with relevant safety regulations
  • Detailed documentation
  • Also suitable for other HF media (HFC, HFD)
  • Five modules: tank unit, motor pump unit, return filter unit, circulation unit and safety pump manifolds unit

Low initial investment costs and high availability
Accelerated quote phase (five days)
Reduction of total cost of ownership

Streamline Your Installation

Time saved and errors avoided

  • Always the same design features
  • Engineering errors excluded
  • Optimized for transportation and handling
  • Extensive installation documentation

Low storage costs

  • Identical parts concept
  • Highly available standard components
Minimize Your Downtime

Impressive identical parts concept

  • Basic modules with standardized design features
  • Low storage costs

Maintenance-friendly design

  • Good access to components and connections
  • Uncomplicated and quick replacement of components
Maximize Your Productivity

High system availability (24/7)

  • Standardized solution with the same design features and identical parts
  • Modules are composed of highly available standard components

Reduced operating costs

  • Up to 80% energy saving (variable speeds)
  • Impressive service life of components

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