Connected Hydraulics products


Be impressed by our Connected Hydraulics product portfolio.

CytroBox - Hydraulic power units


Future starts now

Discover this world innovation of Hydraulics!
New ways of thinking and new design approaches are what make hydraulic power units the key components in the efficient and intelligent factory of the future.

ABMAXX - Modular large power units


Modular large Power Units

Faster, simpler, more productive and cost-effective!
Rexroth’s new modular system called ABMAXX speeds up the engineering and commissioning of large hydraulic power units in projects designed to modernize existing systems or construct new ones.

CytroPac - Small power units


The compact revolution for hydraulic power units

Completely equipped and integrated. CytroPac provides maximum power in the smallest space with everything you need for fast installation. Simply connect power, fluid and interface and go. A small revolution!

ABPAC - Individual power units


Individual power units quickly designed

With its ABPAC series hydraulic power units, Bosch Rexroth offers flexible and energy efficient pressure supply units which are ideally suited for stationary equipment.

Sytronix - Variable speed pump drives


Variable speed pump drives

Less current, less noise, less costs!
Sytronix type variable-speed pump drives change the game with hydraulic systems and offer new opportunities for innovative designs.

SY(H)DFE - Pressure and flow control system


Pressure and flow control system

A SY(H)DFE control system is used for the electro-hydraulic control of swivel angle, pressure and power of an axial piston variable displacement pump Type A10 and A4.



Self-contained hydraulic axis

Bosch Rexroth’s development work has taken the hydraulic linear drive to a whole new level. The revolutionary solution CytroForce manages to squeeze previously bulky structures into a smart compact axis.



Self-contained hydraulic axis

CytroMotion stands for impressive power density, easy handling and high efficiency over the service life.

OBED – Through the hydraulics via app


Through the hydraulics via app

With the newly developed generation of digital on-board electronics for hydraulics, Rexroth allows economical scaling between analog componets and valves with a fieldbus/Ethernet interface.

IFB - Hydraulic field bus valves


Hydraulic field bus valves

Hydraulic goes digital!
IFB proportional directional control valves with a Multi-Ethernet interface reduce system costs and offer integrated safety.

IO-Link - Valves with IO-Link interface


Minimum Effort – Maximum Benefits

Standardized wiring and an electronic name plate make commissioning easier and increase availability.

IAC - Integrated axis controller


Integrated Axis Controller

The advantages of distributed intelligence for hydraulic drive technology are leveraged by Bosch Rexroth through the integration of axis controller functions.

WRC-4X - Directional high-response cartridge valves


The largest flow on the market

Our directional high-response cartridge valves not only meet high dynamics and flow requirements, they can also be integrated into networked environments. As they feature integrated electronics with a multi-Ethernet interface and OCI for Drives, WRC-4X valves can be integrated into networked environments even with an analog signal input.

MLC+H - Control for hydraulic drives


IndraMotion MLC for hydraulic drives

A complete control for hydraulic, electric and hybrid drives with compact and control-based hardware.

VT-HMC - Hydraulic motion controller


Hydraulic Motion Controller

The VT-HMC (Hydraulic Motion Controller) is a digital controller with integrated axis controller, which can be programmed according to IEC 61131, for position, pressure, force and alternating control

A4V..HS5(E) - Digital control electronics for axial piston pumps


Digital control electronics for axial piston pumps

A4V with HS5-adjustment of nominal size 40 up to 1000 for swivel angle-, pressure- and torque control. Available as Switchboard Electronic VT-HPC (A4V..HS5) or as On-Board-Electronic (A4V..HS5E).

Predictive analytics

CytroConnect Solutions

Know today what to expect tomorrow

Our customized digital solutions to support the maintenance of your hydraulic systems. Our modular approach starts with a data visualization solution of the current condition (Monitor), which can be extended to a rule-based condition monitoring solution (Maintain) or even a predictive analytics service to perform predictive maintenance (Predict).