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Variable-speed pump drives: CO2 savings in just a few steps!

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Intelligent pump control

Ready to boost your maintenance digitally

Ready to keep your automotive plant running

OBED valves: Optimized operation - easy and in real time

Safety-First Service - We keep ships moving

CytroForce: Revolutionary servo-hydraulic axis systems

Intelligent prevention of machine downtimes - how does this work?

Increase your system availability with Rexroth Service

Standardization and digitalization more efficiency for hydraulic power units

Optimized Performance of Axial Piston Pumps by increased turning speed

New proportional valves

Advanced Maintenance with ODiN

Hydraulic Manifolds




Cylinder configuration


SHA Service-Kit Unboxing

SHA Service-Kit Assembly

SHA Service-Kit Flush and bleed

SHA Service-Kit Checking the preload pressure

SHA Service-Kit Oil sampling

SHA Service-Kit Refilling

Online configurator for multistation manifolds (Part 2)

Commissioning hydraulic power unit CytroBox

Online configurator for multistation manifolds

Quick and easy: Order Rexroth original spare parts online

Online e-Tools Tour

IO-Link (Part 1)

IO-Link (Part 2)


Filter element change

Product videos

Valves with digital on-board electronics - Increase productivity via slider

Operating valves with digital on-board electronics via smartphone and Bluetooth

Bosch Rexroth On Air: Connected Hydraulics

Explaining ODiN

Digital Service Assistant App

CytroBox Update

Sytronix Update



Self-contained electro-hydraulic servo axes


Manifolds for hydraulic systems

Additive manufacturing methods

Additive manufacturing


Service – Repair of energy cylinders

Service – Spare parts logistics

Digital Service Assistant

Success stories

CytroBox for cast iron engine blocks

Customized hydraulic solutions

Hydraulic power unit CytroPac

Predictive Analytics

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Service Industrial Hydraulics

Hydraulics Blog

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