Connect into a new era of hydraulics

Connected Hydraulics will leverage the power and intelligence of Bosch Rexroth’s advanced hydraulics technology to break through limits and set new benchmarks for performance, functionality and lifetime.

Simplify Your Design

Hydraulics to go

Have you ever been excited about your new furniture until you have seen the construction manual …? We know that feeling! With our plug & produce modules engineers no longer have to puzzle all the components for a hydraulic system together. You just define the task and select off-the-shelf modules with perfectly matching components. All the variants are in the software. Simplify Your Design!

Streamline Your Installation

Start-up with turbo speed

Starting-up hydraulic systems is so easy and fast when you have the right friends. Our software wizards and assistants guide users step by step through the commissioning process and digital twins allow the virtual commissioning of machines. They prevent human faults and they even suggest the right parameters and safe your time. That´s how to Streamline Your Installation!

Minimize Your Downtime

Check-ups included

Forget measuring equipment or screw drivers. Connected hydraulics is on the way to a self diagnostic technology including regular check-ups. Software takes care for highest availability. Sensors deliver all operating states and our Predictive Analytics offer recognition of wear and tell maintenance staff exactly when and what to do to prevent downtime. We take care that hydraulics reliably stands by you to Minimize Your Downtime!

Maximize Your Productivity

Intelligent and sustainable force

Whenever high forces are needed hydraulics is the most efficient, compact and robust technology. We have fused this force with digital intelligence to optimize your production and make it more flexible. Our energy on demand concepts make your application energy efficient and help to reduce CO2 emissions. Maximize Your Productivity!

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