Transforming Bosch Rexroth with a new branding

The branding is an important message to the outside world that shows: Bosch Rexroth successfully follows its path into the future, to a new era. This is also visually supporting our new product strategy: The trend goes from components to solutions. These solutions are more and more digital and connected. The new brand image fits perfectly to this theme world and moreover we can use it to show movements generated by Rexroth solutions in digital media.

The new brand "Rexroth" with the endorsement "A Bosch Company" shows our customers, suppliers and competitors that we are part of a large group, and yet we act independently. We keep moving forward and focus on future demands. That means our customers benefit from pioneering solutions and manufacturing equipment that is safe, efficient, intelligent and powerful.

Creating movement is our driving force. We want to help our customers to become winners. It’s a promise that tightly binds what we do to what we deliver to our customers: “We Move. You Win.” - Rolf Najork /CEO, Bosch Rexroth)

Corporate design as a bridge to the digital world

Our new corporate design is geared towards the special design requirements of digital media. This means considering how it would look on devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. As well as maintaining its suitability for use on physical buildings, in a room, or on printed media.