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Improve hydraulic filter performance with the powerful new PWR family of hydraulic filter elements from Bosch Rexroth. A breakthrough six-layer design using advanced materials boosts dirt holding capacity up to 50%.

This provides longer filter service life and helps control operating costs. The result: Your crucial hydraulic components receive maximum protection from fluid-contaminant related damage – the source of 80% of hydraulic system malfunctions.

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Up to 50% more dirt holding capacity saves time & cuts costs

Revolutionary new microglass materials and advanced six-layer design give the newest generation of PWR filter media two crucial advantages:

  • Up to 50% more dirt holding capacity – so the more dirt is absorbed by a filter, the longer the replacement interval and the lower the filtration cost
  • Reliable filtration efficiency based on three-layer microglass fiber technology

Together, these advances can help hydraulic systems operators reduce key operating, maintenance and parts costs.

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See how increased dirt holding capacity makes life easier for hydraulic systems operators.

five contaminants

Engineered to capture five key contaminants

Innovation drives better filtration: Multiple advanced filter materials have been engineered to individually and in combination capture and remove five different types of hydraulic fluid contaminants for optimum protection:

  1. Basic contaminants
  2. Abraded materials
  3. Particulates from external environments
  4. Varnish
  5. Insoluble reaction products

Bosch Rexroth is committed leveraging the latest materials science to continually improve every aspect of hydraulic technology.

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Six layers. Maximum protection.

To improve filtration, the new PWR filter media consists of a unique multi-layered construction. The outermost layer is an epoxy supporting mesh. Three successive media layers constructed of three different types of microglass capture the vast majority of particles, followed by a new electrically conductive woven media that provides antistatic protection, all enclosed with a stainless steel supporting inner wall.

Six layers. Advanced materials. Once again, Bosch Rexroth sets the standard for innovative hydraulic fluid filter element design.

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Layer by layer: See how the new filter material works

Each layer of the new PWR filter media is engineered with unique materials. Watch this video to see how individually and in combination they work to make your hydraulic fluid contaminant-free.

Reduce TCO

Reduce hydraulic system TCO

One factor affecting hydraulic system total cost of ownership (TCO) is system downtime, and the improved design of the new PWR family of filter elements directly impacts both system downtime and operational costs in multiple ways:

  • Streamlines maintenance by reducing filter element replacement intervals
  • Protects hydraulic systems longer and from more contaminants

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