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Complete service for automation: all-round carefree package

More than a service: all-round carefree package for the automation industry

Service and support means added value for the Bosch Rexroth customer. The service portfolio for the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform consists of classic and digital services as well as various services for the entire product life cycle. On the one hand, this includes conventional services relating to machines and systems in favor of a long-term operational capability. On the other hand, the automation platform ecosystem offers ultramodern ctrlX SERVICES such as the ctrlX Store for downloading individually required software, the ctrlX Device Portal for easy central management of controllers and the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community for support, know-how transfer and news.

The future of automation – Part 4

Automation needs its own service world
The world of automation is changing. This also requires completely new service concepts. Learn more about the new service world, which demands future-proof and reliable solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle in our whitepaper.

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ctrlX SERVICES bring life to products and are often the right hand of the customer. The digital services offer various benefits along the customer journey, simplify processes and ensure greater efficiency.



ctrlX Digital Service Assistant

The ctrlX Digital Service Assistant is available to customers around the clock directly on their smartphone or tablet. This gives customers mobile access to all service tools and provides an overview of the status of their machines. Furthermore, it is possible to contact the helpdesk directly.

Open in web:

Digital Service Assistant website

Download as an app:

Google Play App Store


How-To-Videos: documentationrepair requestreplacement request

Best-in-class Support & Service

Bosch Rexroth supports its customers in all maintenance and optimization tasks of their machines - throughout the entire machine life cycle. The availability of spare parts, repairs and technical support is guaranteed as standard not only for all products in the current portfolio, but also for a period of at least 10 years beyond the active sales phase. After that, Bosch Rexroth experts will support with services in an extended service phase. In many cases, this enables machine running times of more than 25 years to be achieved and secured with service agreements. The extensive service network in 80 countries with over 200 locations ensures short distances.



Sustainability – a question of service

It is not only in the consumer sector that new sustainability concepts must continue to be developed; it is also time to break new ground in the B2B sector. A service portfolio that focuses on sustainability supports users during commissioning, operations, and predictive maintenance, among other things. Learn more in our whitepaper.

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Original repair service from Bosch Rexroth

As the manufacturer, we know our control systemsm drives and motors better than anyone else. And this makes all the difference when repairs are needed. We offer an excellent service which provides real benefits:

  1. Maximum machine availability
  2. 24/7 repair service
  3. Tailored services
  4. An economical service which is worth the money