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Not only hot air when producing packaging

When people order consumer goods, they need to arrive quickly and well packaged. Online retail is booming and the number of parcel deliveries is increasing all the time. However, the cardboard boxes which are mostly used in standard sizes have a major disadvantage: Almost every parcel is oversized, meaning that the space in delivery vehicles is not optimally used. As a result, additional journeys are necessary, which incurs additional costs and increases the CO2 footprint. Excess filling material also needs to be disposed of. The aim is therefore to transport less air and more efficiency instead. To achieve this, the packaging industry needs concepts for reducing packaging volumes and machines for producing custom boxes.

The pressure is also increasing when it comes to printing packaging. In the consumer goods industry, maintaining an unmistakable brand image is becoming increasingly important. Packaging makes a major contribution here in addition to protecting products and providing information for consumers. Eye-catching, creative designs and high-quality packaging attract attention and create trust.

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth and machine manufacturers are opening up a new chapter in the automation of printing and processing machines for packaging. In addition to the existing requirements for maximum productivity and precision in the processes, the modern ctrlX AUTOMATION solutions allow the production of optimized transport packaging. Individual requirements regarding printing and sizing can be taken into account.

Clever automation for the packaging industry

The automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION offers virtually unlimited scope for modern automation concepts in the packaging industry. Developers at machine manufacturing companies can use it to unlock potential in all areas of the printing and processing industry and to achieve targeted control and connectivity. To ensure a satisfying unboxing experience for the end customer, the packaging materials can be lavish and very elegantly designed with high-quality printing.

The result: The outer packaging fits like a glove, loading capacities are optimized and customers receive unmistakable boxes. With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth offers an intelligent automation solution for all aspects of packaging – including all types of packaging-on-demand machines for the optimized shipping of consumer goods, e.g. in custom boxes.

In this area, the machines can be divided into three categories: Simple cutting and folding machines, machines for reducing the height of standard boxes and highly automated lines that produce individual outer packaging.

In addition to focusing on productivity and individualization, Bosch Rexroth also attaches great importance to safety and connectivity in all its solutions. This means that all machines on the shop floor can be connected to MES/ERP systems and are protected against unauthorized access by integrated firewalls. The control system ctrlX CORE supports a variety of Ethernet standards for connecting sensors and other devices and provides data via an OPC-UA server to ensure optimum monitoring and control of production processes.

ctrlX Configurator

With the ctrlX Configurator, you can design your automation solutions intuitively. The procedure for individually configuring them is easy, quick and reliable. The desired system topologies can be put together exactly as needed and retrieved 24/7.

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Example configurations for printing and converting applications

ctrlX AUTOMATION offers a range of solutions for modern automation concepts in the packaging industry.

Automation for simple cutting and folding machines

The control system ctrlX CORE combines PLC and motion functions even in simple cutting and folding machines, with a focus on ease of operation and a high level of safety.

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Automation for adjusting the height of boxes

ctrlX CORE makes it easy to adjust the height of boxes through sensor integration via various Ethernet standards. For extra functions, apps from the ctrlX World can be used.

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Automated lines for producing individual boxes

The integration of ctrlX DRIVE into IP65 improves the use of space. Box-on-demand applications are supported by ctrlX AUTOMATION solution sets.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION Community

Do you need further assistance? In the ctrlX developR Community you will find blog articles, GitHub applications or how to articles on printing and converting topics and many other areas of application for ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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