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The industrial PLC of the future

ctrlX AUTOMATION offers state-of-the-art automation technology for all types of controlled applications. This is made possible by the compact control system ctrlX CORE at the heart of the modular automation system. It can be used as an industrial control for any application and machine. Its app technology also makes it easy to expand the range of functions. Automation technology is thus growing with its tasks.

Flexible and scalable controls for all purposes

The PLC software ctrlX PLC helps to set the course for the Factory of the Future as well as for control tasks beyond. It allows not only the flexible and scalable implementation of PLC architectures, but also the combination of the advantages of classic PLC automation with the communication and functional requirements of the IoT. With its additional functions and possible expansions, the ctrlX CORE is convertible: for example, it can be an industrial PLC, an edge device and an IoT control.

With these and other features, the ctrlX CORE supports the requirements of a modern control system also in the field of infrastructure and traffic, supply, energy or safety facilities. At the same time, the ctrlX CORE can also be used as a web-based HMI solution. And without compromising on safety: The control system ctrlX SAFETY is the most compact and responsive safety solution on the market. Thanks to the wide range of applications offered by the ctrlX CORE, it can set tasks such as handling, motion or logistics tasks in motion.

No matter in which areas the ctrlX CORE proves its performance, there are always significant advantages for users. Its open architecture with app technology opens up almost unlimited design freedom and expansion options. Apps can either be downloaded from the ctrlX Store or easily created in any programming language (in high-level languages, Python, C, C##, etc.) – right down to low-code programming. The ctrlX Device Portal provides support in the deployment of new software functions, management and maintenance of device settings or remote maintenance. This allows users to operate freely at any time and in any place.

ctrlX Configurator

With the ctrlX Configurator, you can design your automation solutions intuitively. The procedure for individually configuring them is easy, quick and reliable. The desired system topologies can be put together exactly as needed and retrieved 24/7.

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Example configurations for controls only applications:

Example of controlled functions

Suitable for handling, motion or logistics tasks.

ctrlX Configurator example

Example of safety-critical functions

Suitable for handling, motion or logistics tasks.

ctrlX Configurator example



Do you need further assistance? In the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community you will find blog articles, GitHub applications or how to articles on beam cutting topics and many other areas of application for ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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