ctrlX OS

Linux operating system for industry

Great freedom in automation

ctrlX AUTOMATION reaches the next level when it comes to openness and freedom: In the past, our real-time-capable, Linux-based operating system was used exclusively on the control ctrlX CORE. However, ctrlX OS is now available as a separate solution for industrial environments too. It is designed for real-time use and can be used on all levels – from the field level and edge devices to the cloud.

Key benefits for users:

  • Shorter time to market
  • Flexibility in production
  • High system availability
  • Better performance
  • Same standards as regards security, tools and communication interfaces for the entire network
  • Broad distribution of automation solutions across the automation pyramid
  • High-performance platform for futuristic solutions

Hardware-independent operating system

The trend in industry is increasingly moving towards distributed software and data-based automation solutions. At the same time, information is being pooled as far as possible. The same standards apply to the entire network in terms of applicable software, security, tools and communication interfaces.

ctrlX OS helps to meet these requirements. The industrial Linux operating system is hardware-independent and seamlessly connects even more automation components to the entire ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio, including the partner solutions from ctrlX World. Software-based functions can be developed, installed, updated and operated even more easily and flexibly across all levels of the automation topology. Bosch Rexroth thus caters for the needs of software-driven factories and enables modern software practices such as virtual testing and DevOps in automation. Hardware independence also makes it possible to operate a virtual control system on hypervisor platforms, in the data center, on edge servers or in the cloud.

ctrlX OS supports the merging of IT and OT applications for Industry 4.0 purposes. It also forms the basis for server, edge and cloud automation in industry.

By using ctrlX OS, users gain access to the entire ecosystem of ctrlX AUTOMATION. A wide range of apps is available from the ctrlX Store. Companies can also operate their own software on any hardware that is suitable for the application. The web-based engineering approach and secure user management help to relieve the burden on users during their work as far as possible. And security has been taken into account too: A hardened software stack ensures a high degree of cyber security.

All devices in the network are connected and data exchanged via the high-performance ctrlX Data Layer. ctrlX OS also has a standardized toolchain for all devices and the Software Development Kit (SDK) for ctrlX AUTOMATION which companies can use to develop their own apps.

ctrlX OS, the proven industrial Linux-based operating system which is used by ctrlX AUTOMATION and regarded as the most modern, open and secure of its kind, is thus also available to other suppliers of automation components.

Linux operating system for modern industry

ctrlX OS fits perfectly into the product family’s openness concept and meets all the requirements which apply to modern automation concepts:

Open and expandable

  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Companies can easily use apps from Bosch Rexroth and third-party providers or develop their own apps

Seamless data integration

  • High-performance, secure data networking within the automation solution
  • Centralized access to all real-time and non-real-time data in the entire network with no need for programming

Connective in all directions

  • Fieldbus protocols
  • Interfaces (TSN, 5G)
  • Cloud connectors
  • Open interfaces (REST, OPC UA server)

Easy to manage

  • Remote access, remote control and device management via the ctrlX Device Portal
  • Remote installation, updates and patches

Highly secure and certified

  • Certified data security in accordance with IEC 62443
  • User and authorization management
  • Secure authentication in the user management


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