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ctrlX HMI

Intuitive machine operation: perfectly tailored hardware and software

The efficiency of a production system or machinery rests in the hands of people. Machine operation and thus the human machine interface are among the most important elements in industrial automation. Bosch Rexroth therefore offers simple and intuitive solutions with ctrlX HMI.

ctrlX HMI is part of the ctrlX AUTOMATION family. With tailored hardware and software, it allows cutting-edge HMI solutions. The broad hardware portfolio includes displays, panel PCs offering excellent graphics capabilities, web panels and panel frames in a wide range of sizes. The software is provided by ctrlX World partners. These apps are certified for use on ctrlX CORE and ctrlX IPC and are available in the ctrlX Store. WebIQ, one of the first HMI solutions, is available here.

Through this combination, ctrlX HMI provides the perfect user experience and offers flexible, needs-based applications. With its features and expansion options, the ctrlX HMI portfolio covers all application areas reliably – from the simplest process controls through to demanding and dynamic simulations. This makes it the simple solution to increasingly complex processes and growing demands as regards machine and system functionality.

The benefits for users at a glance:

  • Platform-independent visualization
  • One technology for various HMI requirements
  • Integration of widgets from third-party providers
  • Entry-level solutions to high-end visualizations
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Clear, intuitive and open: the highlights of ctrlX HMI

Connectivity as well as systems and machine which adapt quickly are shaping industry. An increasing number of automation solutions therefore have a decentralized design and benefit from online support. ctrlX HMI is the basis for defining processes via software and ensures optimum usability with an attractive design and user experience.

Regardless of whether a tablet or integrated display is used, with the web-based software solutions from our partners the very highest degrees of freedom can be achieved and important information can be prepared and presented in a clear manner. The operating interfaces on all devices can be operated via an HTML5-capable web browser. ctrlX HMI thus allows platform-independent visualization.

The open ctrlX AUTOMATION architecture allows developers to integrate numerous web applications as well as widgets from third-party providers. The large ctrlX AUTOMATION Community offers assistance, provides ideas and creates synergies.

The right architecture for flexibility, scalability and future viability

Like all ctrlX AUTOMATION product categories, the solutions in the ctrlX HMI portfolio have a number of common characteristics: openness, flexibility, simplicity. As a result, Bosch Rexroth is breaking down rigid structures.

The HMI solutions based on HTML5 web technology provide users with a choice of control and PC-supported architectures:

Scalable HMI hardware

Bosch Rexroth’s scalable HMI hardware impresses with its reliability and ease of operation. Bosch Rexroth offers a suitable solution for every requirement:

Panel PC

  • Combination of a box PC and multi-touch display
  • 16:9 display formats from 10" to 21"
  • Multi-touch gesture control


  • Displays with housings and built-in solutions
  • From 10” to 24" horizontal and vertical
  • PC-based visualization with the ctrlX IPC portfolio

Web Panel

  • Operating devices optimized for HTML5 browser-based visualization
  • Sizes: 7", 10" and 15“
  • Entry-level solution for less complex applications

Panel Frame

  • Frame for various 10” consumer tablets
  • Ergonomic design and mobile operation
  • Integrated safety


Scalable HMI software

With WebIQ from our partner Smart HMI, ctrlX HMI is the ideal solution for visualization. With the HMI portfolio for ctrlX AUTOMATION, flexible topologies may be possible. The portfolio of HMI apps is gradually being expanded.

  • Web HMI entry-level solution
    Control-based with ready-made fixed screens, focus on status display and easy operation with up to 1k tags.
  • High-end HMI
    Suitable for more complex visualizations with numerous tags e.g. for PC-based 3D depiction of machinery and production processes as well as a 3D simulation.

Innovative and intuitive operation with WebIQ

WebIQ from Smart HMI GmbH is a 100% web-based industrial HMI/SCADA toolbox and functions like a CMS. As a result, developers are able to design and develop web-based HMIs, industrial web apps and dashboard apps efficiently – apps which are not only intuitive but also run on all relevant technical platforms or mobile devices. WebIQ has a new design approach with ready-made, appealing web controls and thus stands out from classic HMI designs.

  • Screen types for automatic scaling of the layout
  • HMI Application Frame
  • WebIQ Designer engineering tool
  • Wide range of HMI widgets
  • Dialog field properties for confirming the chosen widget
  • Composite control with widgets (e.g. buttons)

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