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ctrlX AUTOMATION – needs you!

Colleagues at work who make a selfie with the smartphone in the office

The world needs new Game Changers!

ctrlX AUTOMATION is the most open automation system on the market. We are just as open as the system, and we want to stay that way.

The journey continues: ctrlX AUTOMATION is growing, the requirements are diverse and we still have a lot in our backlog and, above all, in our heads.
Because one thing is clear: we want to continue to improve the world of automation!

Now it's time to take the next step and get you on board. Join our team and take your chance to become a ctrlX AUTOMATION Game Changer!

With us, you can let your creativity run wild, experience the benefits of an open ecosystem, and work today with tomorrow's technology.

Steffen Winkler

Game Changer


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