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Mixing is possible!

What happens when you combine a futuristic industrial control system with the most compact drive system available on the market and apps? The world of automation gets moving. As a result, machine manufacturers can significantly reduce the time it takes to develop machines and easily integrate useful functions. Apps for visualization, image processing or industrial remote access (VPN) for example are available from the ctrlX Store. The open nature of all Bosch Rexroth solutions allows unlimited combination options and complete design freedom.

ctrlX CORE is the heart of the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform. With ctrlX CORE, Bosch Rexroth offers a high-performance, scalable compact control system with outstanding communication capabilities. But what would the control system be without the drive? The ctrlX CORE can be directly connected to the highly compact ctrlX DRIVE system or the proven IndraDrive system via EtherCAT. Users can put together the best system to meet their requirements from the entire Bosch Rexroth world.

To make full use of the benefits of ctrlX CORE and increase the scope of functions, apps and services are available from the ctrlX Store. A machine control system which has been expanded in this way can function as a PLC system, a gateway solution or a motion control system.


Simply mix them together: Control system, drive and numerous apps

ctrlX World, the ctrlX AUTOMATION ecosystem, offers a comprehensive pool of helpful apps for all automation tasks. Nowadays, mechanical engineering no longer means simply building a machine – it means equipping it with suitable software and intelligence and developing it in as short a time as possible. Through the interplay of ctrlX CORE and apps from Bosch Rexroth or third-party applications, machine manufacturers can bring transparency, movement and innovation to their processes.

For example, the WebIQ HMI software from Smart HMI can be selected as an app in the ctrlX Store. The solution is a 100% web-based industrial HMI/SCADA toolbox and functions like a content management system. As a result, developers are able to design and develop web-based HMIs, industrial web apps and dashboard apps efficiently – apps which are not only intuitive but also run on all relevant technical platforms or mobile devices. WebIQ has a new design approach with ready-made, appealing web controls and thus stands out from classic HMI designs. The HMI solution requires no programming knowledge whatsoever.

In addition to visualization apps, ctrlX AUTOMATION also offers a range of applications for image processing and machine vision – both of which play a key role in automation. In this case, applications which control automated processes based on industrial camera systems are used. The Bosch Rexroth partner HD Vision Systems facilitates automation with visually guided object localization, tracking and acquisition as well as QR code scanning. The company provides these functions as well as interfaces to standard area scan cameras as a vision suite in the automation platform ecosystem.

Because ctrlX CORE functions not only as a machine control system but also as a secure and intelligent gateway solution, current and future networking requirements can be taken into account for the purposes of the IIoT. With its open design and numerous interfaces, the control system is also suitable for brownfield installations in order to add IoT connectivity and functions to machines and systems. With IoT solutions from Bosch Rexroth as well as applications from third-party providers, the functions of the ctrlX CORE control solution can be adapted as required. In the ctrlX World, IXON offers an end-to-end IIoT solution for all remote maintenance requirements: from the hardware to the cloud. As a result, machine manufacturers can easily integrate the IIoT into their automation solutions.

Always at the forefront

Whether it be for networking purposes, quicker engineering or typical mechanical engineering applications, Bosch Rexroth offers modular and scalable solutions for all requirements thanks to easily combinable hardware and interplay with third-party software. And if the demands on machine manufacturers as regards performance, speed and agility should grow, they can adapt their automation solutions at any time and tailor them to meet specific needs. Apps help machine manufacturers to cope with increasingly complex connectivity and digitalization tasks – without them having to build up their own know-how or put in place resources.


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The future of automation – Part 3

Like many other sectors, the industry is in the midst of change. Increasing digitalization and networking give rise to new technologies and processes, but, above all, create significant potential for automation and optimization.

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