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Machine Learning: Learning from experience

The development of machine learning as a subarea of artificial intelligence is rapid. Not long ago, such applications were still in their infancy. Today, they enable systems to act autonomously and make decisions. Data-based services and applications are the future. These include apps that provide information about the condition of components or give early warning of impending failure in the sense of predictive maintenance. Bosch Rexroth is driving this development forward with ctrlX AUTOMATION. A learning process in many respects.

Machine learning algorithms analyze large amounts of data, identify patterns and correlations, and extract valuable insights that can then be used to automate decision-making processes or optimize processes. This intelligent principle is conquering more and more areas: for example, in medical diagnostics, finance, marketing and industry. One example is the use of machine learning to predict maintenance needs and prevent downtime in production.

When artificial intelligence meets the IoT

IoT solutions in themselves have not generally been intelligent or capable of learning. If the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now matched to form AIoT, passive sensors become intelligent sensors. Through analysis and pattern recognition in field data, experience can be gained and products improved.

ctrlX AUTOMATION in the field of AIoT, for example through apps, is one of the challenges of the future. Bosch Rexroth is thus moving into areas that were uncharted territory in automation until not so long ago. So, both on a technical level and for employees, it means making new experiences and learning from them in order to drive developments forward.

The ctrlX OS plays a special role here. Thanks to the open operating system, you are not tied to a specific hardware target and can deploy the applications in the field, on the edge or in the cloud. The operating system is also designed for real-time use and is therefore ideal for ML and AI applications.

The Software Development Kit makes it possible to develop special ML and AI apps. In the area of machine learning, for example, the open platform opens up the possibility of collecting and processing data from sensors and other sources. Developers can also create their own models and algorithms and integrate them into the platform.

With a view to autonomous production

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are important levers on the road to autonomous production. For example, AI-based predictive systems are already used in automation for predictive maintenance of machines and plants. Machine learning can be used to monitor the condition of machinery and equipment. It then makes a prediction of when a machine will fail and plans maintenance work before an unexpected failure occurs.

Machine learning can also be used to analyze process data and identify patterns that indicate inefficient processes or potential bottlenecks. Through data analysis, the ML model can provide suggestions for optimizing processes. In the same way, errors in production can be identified and classified, predictions can be derived, and quality controls can be carried out.

And robots also benefit from ML solutions: they can understand and respond to human movements and interactions. As a result, robots act more human-like and are able to adapt to changing situations.

The playing field is huge and ctrlX AUTOMATION is right at the forefront - both through its open architecture as a basis for integrating a wide variety of AI applications and through its ability to provide and process the required data.

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