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Double power for beam cutting

Growing demands as regards productivity, short set-up and CNC interpolation times are typical in the beam cutting segment. The MTX CNC system from Bosch Rexroth creates the perfect basis for machine manufacturers and users to master the growing challenges.  And with Industry 4.0 communication functions in accordance with the OPC UA standard, it is also ready for the world of digitalized factories. If MTX is combined with solutions from the ctrlX AUTOMATION family such as the compact ctrlX DRIVE system, high-performance systems inevitably result.

A leading manufacturer of CNC laser and plasma cutting systems was able to significantly reduce the development time for a machine and introduce it onto the market much earlier than expected. This was possible thanks to the MTX CNC system with a ready-made project template offering high-performance functions for laser machining, e.g. height control, fly cut or leapfrog. This reduced the engineering time, the costs and the outlay for any debugging.

Fast, faster … MTX

Machine manufacturers in the area of beam cutting all have the same task: They need to produce machines which work quickly, precisely and reliably. The combination of high-performance multi-core processors and decentralized intelligent drive technology makes MTX the most powerful CNC system on the market. As a result, very high cutting speeds and acceleration can be achieved along with great precision. Interpolation times of up to 0.25 ms in combination with the high-performance control and drive hardware are possible. Whatever the application, MTX ensures high-dynamic machining with maximum productivity.

The scalable MTX CNC platform is based on open standards. With its integrated PLC, it is able to meet a range of different requirements. Bosch Rexroth customers use the solution for typical applications in the area of beam cutting, e.g. 2D laser machining, plasma cutting or water jet cutting. Together with global companies, Bosch Rexroth has developed high-performance motion and technology functions tailored to beam cutting.

Through the use of leapfrog or frog jump, splines, the high-performance CNC system and appropriate drive functions, users can now cut a reference metal sheet 10 to 15 percent more quickly than before.

And whether it be beam cutting, combined laser/nibbling machines, multi-technology systems or bending cells – various usage scenarios are possible with just one control system. Integrated high-performance technology functions such as laser power control or height regulation make additional hardware unnecessary, thus reducing costs. The modular design of the software and hardware makes it easier to integrate the systems into different machine concepts.

CNC system and compact drive: Two solutions – virtually unlimited possibilities

Because the Bosch Rexroth solutions are open in all directions, users enjoy virtually unlimited combination options when using the MTX CNC system. Bosch Rexroth offers a wide range of decentralized intelligent servo drives, highly dynamic rotative servo and linear motors as well as linear guides with an integrated absolute value measuring system. The MTX CNC system works seamlessly with members of the ctrlX AUTOMATION family.

For example, the MTX works perfectly with the world's most compact modular drive system, ctrlX DRIVE. This allows users to minimize the automation structure and installation space. The use of ctrlX DRIVE also enables the implementation of energy-saving requirements. In addition, the solution is scalable without architectural breaks.

The system solution consisting of MTX and ctrlX DRIVE scores in terms of openness and scalability. Engineering is drastically simplified by the use of only one engineering tool, IndraWorks. Because Bosch Rexroth would like to speed up engineering for all users, solutions for virtual commissioning or digital twins for simulation can be used with MTX and ctrlX DRIVE. This drastically reduces the amount of engineering and commissioning work involved.

By combining MTX with solutions from the ctrlX AUTOMATION product range, companies such as beam cutting machine tool manufacturers can cope with all future requirements. They can always use the latest developments from the ctrlX AUTOMATION world which adapts constantly to current market and digitalization requirements.

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