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Developers will be designers rather than programmers in the future

Philipp Guth, Head of the Business Unit Automation & Electrification Solutions, Bosch Rexroth AG

We would like to revolutionize professional automation and make life as easy as possible for digital natives. Simple integration, plug & produce, co-creation, open standards and the fact that a lock-in for customers is not absolutely necessary make ctrlX AUTOMATION straightforward, fast and flexible. Our automation platform meets the exact needs of the developers of the future who will be designers rather than programmers and would like to achieve their goal as quickly and flexibly as possible. Modern developers are further developing their personal skills all the time, focusing on methodology and technologies. They program individual solutions using scripts, high-level languages and various development environments which meet their particular needs. In the future, they will need to get applications up and running quickly, develop reliable software under considerable time pressure and present complex processes to users in a simple way. They therefore need an automation platform which adapts to their needs – not the other way around. They are no longer at home in the rigid world of classic automation. We are recreating their world. This will result in numerous benefits for companies such as investment security and future viability. More importantly, it will allow them to stand out from the competition with their own software solutions.

Philipp Guth

Game Changer

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