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ctrlX FLOWHS honored with the "Product of the Year 2024" award

We are very pleased that the linear high-speed motion system ctrlX FLOWHS has been voted "Product of the Year 2024" by Computer&Automation in the Robotics & Handling category. The prize, which is awarded for outstanding innovations and technologies, was presented at a "Winner's Dinner" in Munich on 21.03.2024. The winners were selected as part of an online voting, where readers voted in a total of 12 categories. We would like to thank everyone who voted for ctrlX FLOWHS.

The linear motion system ctrlX FLOWHS takes care of the transport and positioning of products or materials and, in addition to flexibility, also brings high speed to production – with maximum precision and reduced space requirements. The solution is 100 percent integrated into the automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION, is based on the control system ctrlX CORE with the operating system ctrlX OS and is easily expandable and future-proof via app technology. ctrlX FLOWHS offers great flexibility and adaptability thanks to its modularity. The segment design is conceived for modular configuration and demanding requirements. A wide range of segments and movers for every type of application is available.


Portrait view of Steffen Winkler, Game Changer ctrlX AUTOMATION

Steffen Winkler

Game Changer


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