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ctrlX CORE: For use in all sectors

ctrlX CORE is well known in industrial automation as an ultra-compact, high-performance control system. The solution is the heart of the platform ctrlX AUTOMATION and the nucleus for industrial control systems of the future. But it is capable of much more. If ctrlX CORE is driving a high-tech training device, controlling an automated barrier system or supporting a quick charging solution for driverless transport systems, it can do so just as well as in numerous other areas of use.

ctrlX CORE can provide a solution in virtually any situation where control systems are needed. But what makes it such an all-rounder? Its end-to-end, open and flexible software architecture allows the control system to adapt to any requirements. The Linux-based multi-core technology breaks down the boundaries between platforms, the embedded system and drive-based technology. ctrlX CORE is also app-based and has a modular structure. It is available in various versions with different performance levels.

Brings movement to numerous areas of application

The properties of the compact control system allow it to be used in areas ranging from dedicated PLC applications on the machine market and motion applications for simple handling tasks to highly dynamic machines. There are also numerous use cases outside conventional automation solutions, e.g. in building automation, traffic management or entertainment.

The control system offers high performance in a cutting-edge fitness device for example. The device works with isokinetic biofeedback technology for optimum muscle loading and allows brief but effective training sessions with measurable results. The ctrlX CORE controls the axes in the cabinet. This contains not only the control system but also servo drives, motors and ball screw assemblies from Bosch Rexroth. Access to ctrlX CORE is via REST API. The app-based motion software ctrlX MOTION and the EtherCAT Master are used on the control system to ensure optimum movements. Integrated IoT security functions are also present in order to protect users’ data. It is therefore more than just a control system – it is a complete solution for demanding tasks in futuristic applications.

Great versatility: Apps for an unlimited range of applications

ctrlX CORE scores particularly highly as a result of the app technology that it works with. This expands the control system’s range of functions and gives it virtually limitless capabilities. Developers can make full use of the possibilities on offer: They can simply select the functions that they need or use open source software. Bosch Rexroth is expanding the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform all the time, adding its own and third-party apps. Users can also operate software that they developed themselves on the open platform and turn their expert knowledge in the form of functions in all popular programming languages into apps. These can be operated on ctrlX CORE and easily assigned and updated. The various applications can be sourced from the ctrlX Store.

ctrlX CORE thus grows with your requirements. It is gradually gaining ground in more and more areas of application. It will be interesting to see in which new areas the control platform will get things moving in the future…

In our next blog articles, you can read more about areas of application such as building automation and quick charging solutions.

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