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ctrlX AUTOMATION Keyvisuls with the Game Changer Smiley and the ctrlX CORE industrial controller

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth has created an automation world that is open to all. Here, competitors become players. And users and partner companies become co-creators. This is not only about innovation, but also about setting the industry standards of tomorrow and taking responsibility for a better, more sustainable automation world. With ctrlX AUTOMATION and the Linux-based operating system ctrlX OS, the leap into the new era of automation, which lives on co-creation, is successful.

Experience the automation toolkit and our diverse innovations live at the trade fair SPS - Smart Production Solutions at the exhibition center in Nuremberg from 14.11. - 16.11.2023. You can also expect exciting presentations around the openness of our products. Be curious!

We are looking forward to your visit!

Find a short preview of our trade fair highlights here:

Maximum openness with operating system ctrlX OS

ctrlX OS is an operating system with digital services that sets completely new standards. It is based on the real-time capable Linux operating system, which is based on Ubuntu Core, is hardware-independent and can be installed directly on the respective hardware or also used in virtual environments. The possibility of "use for all" creates completely new opportunities for all parties involved.

ctrlX FLOW: Motion systems for transport & positioning

Automating and optimizing intralogistics processes is a key factor for the success of the Factory of the Future. With the ctrlX FLOW product family, Bosch Rexroth offers easy-to-integrate solutions for optimum and highly efficient material and goods flows. In addition to the planar system ctrlX FLOW6D for contactless high-performance conveying and positioning, Bosch Rexroth is presenting a new high-speed solution for transport and positioning in the modern factory at SPS.

Wide range of solutions through partner world ctrlX World

The ctrlX World also stands for openness: The partner world expands the range of the automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION with hardware and especially apps. All aspects of machine builders and users are covered in order to quickly engineer machines and operate them with as little risk as possible.

At our booth you can experience the solutions of the following companies live:

Efficient software solutions

Simple engineering and maximum flexibility: The apps around ctrlX AUTOMATION as well as new software functions for virtual commissioning and simulation contribute to this. The possibilities of web-based engineering are being further expanded, enabling customers to save considerable time. With services along the customer journey, such as the ctrlX Device Portal and the ctrlX Configurator, users can also significantly reduce effort and costs.

Versatile control solutions

The right solution for every application: The versatile control and automation solutions such as the control platform ctrlX CORE, the I/O modules ctrlX I/O, the safety control ctrlX SAFETY as well as the industrial PCs ctrlX IPC and various HMI solutions ctrlX HMI can be used for PLC-based applications, IoT use cases or analytics and safety functions.

Dynamic and precise motion and drive functions

With ctrlX MOTION, a wide variety of automation tasks can be solved with high precision, ease and safety. With new function sets, e.g. for robotics applications, systems can be perfectly automated. The scalable drive portfolio is available to match - it now also covers the lower voltage range. Bosch Rexroth will also be presenting the new cabinet-free variant at the SPS, which means that there is no need for a control cabinet.

Energy Efficient Solutions & Remanufactured Products

Sustainability means the future! Bosch Rexroth offers a comprehensive range of tools and models for energy and performance simulations in order to optimize the design of systems. The portfolio is supplemented by product-specific features such as the Smart Energy Mode of the drive system ctrlX DRIVE. Product overhauls are another important component in favor of sustainability. The "Remanufactured Products" program aims to overhaul used parts instead of throwing them away, thus increasing their service life.

Solutions for Factory Automation

In the Factory of the Future, everything is connected - from the field level to cloud-based IT systems. Automation solutions only fit into this environment with open standards. Experience live how flexible and innovative the future factory is and how ctrlX AUTOMATION is already enriching the Bosch Rexroth portfolio today.

ctrlX developR live @ SPS

Meet our ctrlX developR live at SPS and discuss topics like Artificial Intelligence, IT Security, IoT, Machine Learning, APIs, ctrlX OS as well as Software Development Kits. The ctrlX developR are looking forward to the exchange - from developers for developers.


„Bringing Automation to Life“ – the motto of SPS. SPS represents the complete spectrum of smart and digital automation - from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to the vision of a comprehensively digitized industrial world. The focus is on practical solutions for your specific field of work.


We invite you to our ctrlX AUTOMATION world!

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