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ctrlX AUTOMATION: Shortlisted for the Best of Content Marketing Award

We are very pleased to have been shortlisted for the "Best of Content Marketing Award 2022" in the category "Strategy Content". In this category, the award honors strategies that have led to successful content implementation.

The digital award ceremony took place on June 2. ctrlX AUTOMATION was nominated together with two other companies (UBS Switzerland AG and Atruvia AG) in the category "Strategy Content". We warmly congratulate UBS Switzerland AG on winning.

The shortlist placement already distinguishes the successful campaign around ctrlX AUTOMATION. From the beginning, our goal was always to develop something new, to question the old and to change the industry, according to our slogan: Two Steps Ahead.

The BCM Best of Content Marketing has been the largest competition for content-driven communication in Europe for years, with around 600 entries. Since 2003, the Content Marketing Forum has been awarding prizes to the best corporate publications - whether print or digital, internal or external. The winners in the more than 80 categories are awarded by expert juries with a total of around 200 jurors.

The category "Strategy Content" honors the marketing strategy that has led to successful content implementation through intelligent dovetailing of target group, market and market insights. The award is given to projects whose execution is derived from a clearly identifiable strategy and which continuously meet target group needs and achieve brand goals with the help of a variety of performant content. Only the strategic concept is evaluated, not the look and feel.

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