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An all-rounder in building automation

Wearing masks, maintaining a safe distance and limited numbers of people in buildings – with the Corona pandemic rules like these became part of our everyday lives and work. But who calculates the number of visitors in a building? ctrlX CORE is ideal for this task as it automates a laborious manual activity. The ultra-compact, high-performance control system relieves the burden on people in many areas where automation is needed. For example, it can control an automatic barrier system in the HGV parking area of a factory.

ctrlX CORE is the heart of the automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION. Its end-to-end, open and flexible architecture allows the control system to adapt to any requirements. It is frequently used in industrial automation and is becoming established in more and more segments, for example building automation. Very compact solutions are particularly in demand here.

Taking over repetitive manual tasks

ctrlX CORE is increasingly taking over laborious and repetitive manual tasks such as counting the number of people in buildings. It supports not only automated and thus more efficient processes – it also ensures great reliability and precision. In the following use case, for example, it integrates perfectly with the Aviotec camera from Bosch.

Here is how it works: The camera system detects and counts people crossing a virtual line. This information / counter readings are read by ctrlX CORE and compared with the maximum and minimum values. If the maximum number of people is reached, the doors are closed. Once the number of people falls, the doors are opened again. The information can be passed on to the control center as a visualization so that security staff have an overview of the situation at all times.

The very compact solution can also control a barrier system in the HGV parking area of a factory for example. With its small size, the system fits perfectly into the system. Here too, it is used in conjunction with the Bosch camera. Virtual fields can be set up within the camera. With this function, the camera can see whether an object has left the field or another object has entered or moved across it. ctrlX CORE records the results from the camera so that they can then trigger an action. The control system receives and converts this information into an action, i.e. the command to open and close the barrier. The necessary approvals can be defined within ctrlX CORE.

Easy deployment in brownfield situations

These use cases are indicative of the many possible applications in building automation. Given its openness, the control system can easily be combined with existing and future systems. This results in an overall solution which is very attractive from an economic point of view and easy to implement.

Because ctrlX CORE functions not only as a machine control system but also as a secure and intelligent gateway solution, current and future connectivity requirements can be taken into account for the purposes of the IIoT. With its open architecture and numerous interfaces, the control system is suitable for brownfield installations in order to add IoT connectivity and functions to machines and systems. With IoT solutions from Bosch Rexroth as well as applications from third-party companies, the functions of the control solution can be expanded as required.

This results in a future-proof solution for building automation and other segments – one which adapts to all requirements like a chameleon.

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