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voraus robotik GmbH

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voraus robotic offers a unique robotic motion that enables every robot kinematic to its maximum performance. Through the voraus software stack, end-customers gain access to the latest robotic technology features with simplified ready-to-use application packages. This is the next level of no-code programming.

No Code Robotic Programming

voraus.motion allows the user to control any industrial robot with the control platform ctrlX CORE. The programming can be done in a unique no-code style as well as with an extended programming environment for customized code.

Application Packages

Use existing application packages to combine domain knowledge and core skills to boost skillset and simplify application adjustments.


  • High-precision motion planning for all industry robots
  • Easy robot programming through a user-friendly HMI
  • Existing application packages allow solutions for complex tasks
  • Customers can add their own robotic software functions

Target Group

  • Machine Operator


voraus.motion makes robot information such as sensor values or motor positions available to the user via the interaction platforms. The user can program his application via voraus.operator, a human machine interface (HMI) that clearly displays the program sequence and all robot information. It is also possible to connect and display additional axes or devices.

Automation architecture: Robot control with ctrlX CORE. Robot information such as sensor values or motor positions are made available to users via an Internet platform.


About voraus robotik

voraus robotik is the answer to half a decade of award-winning cobot development. The team has lead the evolution from prototype to safety-certified product. voraus robotik has gained expert knowledge in robotic-relevant technologies, combined it in one adaptable software stack and created functionalities in one hardware-agnostic robotic software.

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