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SpiderControl by iniNet Solutions GmbH

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With SpiderControl iniNet provides an HTML5-based modular web HMI solution for ctrlX AUTOMATION. It addresses both, standardized and complex visualization requirements and directly accesses the ctrlX Data Layer. SpiderControl also facilitates the conversion of existing legacy HMIs.

Realize complex and extensive visualizations

Direct data access to ctrlX Data Layer and a resource-saving architecture enable the creation of complex and large HMI projects with high performance.

Ruse existing legacy HMIs

SpiderControl HMI Editor converts existing HMI code to HTML5 (e.g. CODESYS V2.3 Webvisu, Phoenix WebVisit, SAIA-BURGESS, Panasonic).

Automated HMI development

SpiderControl enhances design productivity in your HMI development through its code-generator features.


  • Fewer components and reduced costs due to a direct connection to ctrlX Data Layer (no need for an OPC UA server).
  • Lower engineering costs through the use of macros, templates, and code generators.
  • Resource-saving architecture.
  • On-board HMI code conversion features.
  • Powerful HMI Editor with three different configuration modes (user mode, expert mode, script mode).
  • HMI Server provides robust SCADA functionalities.

Target Groups

  • Machine Builder
  • System Integrator



SpiderControl for ctrlX OS runs on any ctrlX OS device and accesses the ctrlX Data Layer directly. The HMI engineering is web-based.


About iniNet Solutions

For over a decade, iniNet Solutions has specialized in visualizations using web technologies. With a modular toolkit for programming, configuring, and operating via a web server, iniNet Solutions stands as a technology leader in the market. Worldwide, iniNet customers benefit from low engineering costs, simultaneous reduction in hardware expenses, and the highest usability.

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iniNet - SpiderControl SCADA Server
modular web HMI solution for complex visualizations

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