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SELMO Technology GmbH

Blue colored image showing stylized earth. ctrlX World is the partner ecosystem of the automation solution ctrlX AUTOMATION.

SELMO stands for Sequential Logic Modelling and simplifies the implementation of PLC programming by providing the safest and most system-oriented description of processes. SELMO closes a gap in the engineering of machines by designing software.

As in mechanics and electrics, SELMOstudio is used to create a model that, like a drawing and circuit diagram, represents all the information for the implementation of software. When modelling, the sequence logic and assemblies are connected in a bit-controlled manner. The function of the sequence uniquely describes each state. From this model, an algorithm generates the error-free PLC code for the ctrlX AUTOMATION PLC App and HMI automatically. A program block or an entire structure based on the SELMO standard can be easily imported. SELMO controls every bit and makes it digitally visible – it is the logical choice for PLC programming.

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