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logiccloud AG

logiccloud and the Linux operating system ctrlX OS form a hardware-independent, flexibly scalable and efficient automation solution from the machine to the integrated shop floor. It significantly reduces the technical and financial effort through, among other things, cloud-based engineering, programming in IEC61131, integrated simulation functions and one-click deployment.

PLC programming independent of location, hardware and software

In the logiccloud portal it is possible to create, simulate and test cross-platform PLC programs and HMIs quickly and easily in the cloud or in the local network - without special programming software, without proprietary PLC hardware and regardless of where the system is located.

Easily transfer updates securely – simultaneously and without a VPN connection

New software versions and program updates can be transferred to the virtual PLC on edge devices with just a mouse click - it's very easy and TLS secured, a VPN connection is not required.

AI-supported and intuitive – PLC programming has never been so easy

In the logiccloud portal individual PLC programs for current and future requirements can be created by using intuitive tools and AI support – even without special programming knowledge.


  • Lower investment costs for the automation solution
  • Reduction of the overall complexity of the automation system
  • Significantly lower programming and operating costs
  • Scalable to any number of controllers
  • Can be integrated into the company software

Target Groups

  • Machine Builder
  • System Integrator



  • logiccloud virtual PLC for ctrlX OS consists of two components.
  • logiccloud Portal: Web-based PLC programming on logiccloud portal which can run either on the web or private network.
  • PLC applications can easily be deployed on one or multiple ctrlX OS devices.
  • logiccloud Control: the logiccloud control app for ctrlX OS is the runtime that can be installed on any ctrlX OS device.


About logiccloud

With the know-how from more than 100 years of experience in automating industrial processes, logiccloud AG created a SaaS cloud platform in 2021 to replace industrial (hardware) controls, making automation projects more economical, flexible, faster, safer and more efficient – independently on the size, industry or organizational form of the customers.

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