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Kassow Robots ApS

Kassow Robots takes the lead in developing and manufacturing robust 7-axis lightweight cobots customized for industrial purposes. Through Profinet Kassow Robots can be seamlessly integrated into ctrlX AUTOMATION. A set of CodeSYS PLC templates enables the integration via the Profinet fieldbus.

Integration of Kassow Robots into ctrlX AUTOMATION

Thanks to the step by step documentation Kassow’s cobots can be easily integrated into ctrlX AUTOMATION.

Full access to Kassow Robots with ctrlX AUTOMATION

Enable fieldbus data exchange and RC routine triggering in automatic mode thanks to a set of predefined templates.


  • Direct data exchange between Kassow Robots and ctrlX Data Layer via Profinet.
  • Robust system integration based on industrial fieldbus.
  • Based on CodeSYS PLC programming.

Target Groups

  • Machine Builder
  • System Integrator


Kassow Robots integrate Profinet for seamless data sharing with ctrlX OS devices.


About Kassow

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Kassow Robots leads the way in developing and producing strong 7-axis lightweight collaborative robots tailored for industrial purposes. Since April 2022, Bosch Rexroth has been our majority stakeholder. The company`s motto is: "strong, fast, simple."

The portfolio currently includes five distinct 7-axis cobots, offering a reach of up to 1,800 mm, loads up to 18 kg and speed up to 225 degree/s. Kassow’s cobots can be used in the same working space of human colleagues. With their 7 axes they are even able to reach around corners – classical six axes cobots are not able to do so. Users benefit from the remarkable combination of agility, power, and accessibility, complemented by intuitive programming. This unique efficiency facilitates smooth automation for tasks such as machine tending, material handling, bin picking, assembly, quality inspection, packaging, palletizing, and more.

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