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Blue colored image showing stylized earth. ctrlX World is the partner ecosystem of the automation solution ctrlX AUTOMATION.

ctrlX AUTOMATION is the perfect basis for the HUCON AI-based services. By integrating data with a one-stop shop for solutions, ctrlX AUTOMATION provides a convenient and efficient way to obtain the value adding and high-impact products of HUCON.

HUCON provides with CONNECT an IIoT solution that connects and contextualizes data by mapping process and quality data to material flow; with PRESCRIBE a unique deep learning solution that can prescribe optimum plant control parameters; with DETECT a solution for continuous machine monitoring that is able to recognize faults and share corrective actions in real-time.

Move with HUCON the limits of your previous thinking about production optimization. IIoT paired with human expert knowledge and modern AI data processes is the future of successful rationality!

Find out more in this video by Marco Pucciarelli, COO and Co-Founder at HUCON.

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