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Belden Inc.

Belden's switches allow to build a secure, reliable, and robust infrastructure for Publish & Subscribe Control Traffic with VLAN and Quality of Service, allowing to set up different priorities within the ctrlX OS device for different types of data. Switches such as the BRS can be used as OPC UA server for ctrlX OS devices with an OPC UA client.

Factory/Process Automation

The Belden switches are an ideal solution for classic automation applications that require real-time communication, advanced security, low latency, and simultaneous synchronization of data and information to control operations.

Industrial Internet of Things

With high number of ports and various configuration options – including fast Ethernet speed up to 2.5 Gigabit – the Hirschmann Managed Switches offer a compact, yet powerful solution for the IIoT.


  • Trusted for more than 100 years, the portfolio continues to support and advance what’s possible in industrial network operations.
  • Acquire and transmit data securely – from the field to network management levels and beyond, ensuring maximum process uptime.
  • Solve unique networking needs with the forward-thinking consultants at our Customer Innovation Centers.

Target Groups

  • Machine Builder
  • Machine Operator
  • System Integrator


By inserting BRS into the network users enable their ctrlX OS based devices to connect with the HMI.

The ctrlX OS device in the network provides various priorities for data created by different sources such as sensors, motors, and drives.

When this data reaches the Belden BOBCAT Rail Switch (BRS) that is equipped with an OPC UA server and QoS, the BRS switch can process this data based on priorities set within ctrlX OS while presenting it to different OPC UA clients such as a ctrlX HMI.


About Belden

Belden delivers the infrastructure that makes the digital journey simpler, smarter, and secure. As a leader in mission critical networking and cyber security, Belden offers a broad range of ruggedized managed Ethernet switches that are engineered for reliable performance in harsh industrial environments. With numerous Layer 2 (data link layer) and Layer 3 (network layer) options, customers find just what they need in the Hirschmann product families.

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