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ctrlX CORE, industrial control hardware for CNC, PLC and motion applications

Within the ctrlX developR Challenge, developers implemented their creative ideas with the revolutionary control platform ctrlX CORE and used it to implement projects for which the proper industrial control has been missing so far.

The ctrlX developR Challenge was taking place for the first time. It was the perfect opportunity to bring together the biggest talents with the most versatile, open and powerful system available on the market. As a result, ideas evolved into solutions and solutions into projects.

25 participants implemented their ideas with the control platform ctrlX CORE in five different categories. They were supported by specialist mentors from Bosch Rexroth and the partners of the partner network ctrlX World. Thanks to the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community, our experts were personally available for questions and discussions.

During the entire challenge, there was continuous communication between the participants and Bosch Rexroth via Social Media. The developers reported on their projects in video calls and presented their partial results.

The finalists had the opportunity to present their results to the jury at the ctrlX developR Conference in Ulm on July 13-14, 2022. The jury evaluated the ideas, implementation methods, results, business value and potential and awarded the winners.

What a challenge!

And the winners are

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Portrait view of Andreas Schiffler, winner of the ctrlX developR Challenge 2022

Andreas Schiffler

Anomaly detection using Isolation Forest
With this development, existing serial processes can be monitored and evaluated by anomaly detection using "Isolation Forest" algorithm without any further prior knowledge.

Portrait view of Matthias Dittrich, winner of the ctrlX developR Challenge 2022

Matthias Dittrich

IoT solution for wireless sensor technology
Development of an IoT solution that sends measurement data wirelessly and in real time to an external unit. With the ctrlX CORE, this data is received and further processed via an MQTT network. By using additional IoT apps, the data can then be collected in a cloud. On this basis, the foundation is then laid for AI that reacts to changes in the process.

Portrait view of Phillip Stanley-Marbell, winner of the ctrlX developR Challenge 2022

Phillip Stanley-Marbell

Uncertainty-tracking capabilities make trustworthy data-driven decisions
Development of a plug-in module for trusted edge AI that allows the ctrlX CORE to accelerate the analysis of empirical sensor data. This is used to estimate uncertainties in data and can be used in the future to control motors.

Portrait view of Cesare Bornaghi, winner of the ctrlX developR Challenge 2022

Cesare Bornaghi

Connect industrial cameras with ctrlX AUTOMATION and add AI algorithms
Creation of a gateway node for IoT systems that can monitor operations in automated environments with distributed vision systems. The cameras can be used for both access and quality control through advanced deep learning techniques.

Portrait view of Sabari Kannan Muthalagu, winner of the ctrlX developR Challenge 2022

Sabari Kannan Muthalagu

Fume extraction for soldering stations in the laboratories
The goal of the project is to build an automation system to control the fume extraction for the soldering stations in laboratories to avoid energy waste. The ctrlX CORE acts as MQTT broker and sends signals to ctrlX I/O.



Group picture on stage of the ctrlX developR Challenge 2022, participants, winners and jury

The jury

Portrait view of Rolf Najork, Member of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH

Rolf Najork

Member of the board of management, Robert Bosch GmbH
Chairman of the executive board of Bosch Rexroth AG

"Many new features and improvements are the result of close collaboration with our partner companies and users. The ctrlX developR Challenge also relies on this principle. Ideally, it brings out unprecedented features for us as a company to embed in the ecosystem, all the while nurturing talent. All in all, it’s an opportunity for everyone", explains Rolf Najork in an interview about the ctrlX developR Challenge.

Portrait view of Kristina Wagner, Senior Vice President Technology and Innovation Center & Director iiQKA - The Robot X-perience - KUKA

Dr. Kristina Wagner

Senior Vice President Technology and Innovation Center & Director iiQKA - The Robot X-perience - KUKA

"The openness and technology stack of ctrlX AUTOMATION offer a lot of room for creativity and state-of-the-art automation. This is the ideal foundation for implementing and marketing new visions and developments. For me, the focus is always on customer added value. When this comes to life through exciting technology and scalable concepts, it is the most fun. I am therefore very excited and looking forward to the results of the ctrlX developR Challenge."


Portrait view of Gabriele Geiger, Vice President Global Marketing & Customer Journey at EPLAN

Gabriele Geiger

Vice President Global Marketing & Customer Journey at EPLAN

"Innovations need the right breeding ground - ideally a platform for ideas and absolute openness. That's exactly what the ctrlX developR Challenge offers. The participants from all over the world are curious, open, creative and have one thing in common: the unconditional will to achieve something. Exciting visions have emerged. It's great fun to follow the resulting projects."


Portrait view of Volker Glöckle, Senior Vice President Technical Industry Competence and Innovation at SICK

Volker Glöckle

Senior Vice President Technical Industry Competence and Innovation at SICK

"Being active in the field of innovation requires you to keep changing your perspective to get new impulses. Participating as a jury member in the ctrlX developR Challenge offers me precisely this opportunity. By presenting different problems and their approaches to solving them, everyone gets new ideas. The discussion in the jury on the dimensions of technology, realization and market opportunity provides food for thought and helps to sharpen one's own view."


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