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Push your idea two steps ahead

Turning ideas into projects – that is the objective of the ctrlX developR Challenge. But not simply in a hackathon – in an international idea and developer competition because that fits in with ctrlX AUTOMATION. We invite you to realize your ideas with our revolutionary control system ctrlX CORE. This format gives you the opportunity to implement your creative ideas for which the proper industrial control has been missing so far.

Be a part of it and write automation history with us!


To registration

Apply now!

The ctrlX developR Challenge is taking place for the first time. It is the perfect opportunity to bring together the biggest talents with the most versatile, open and powerful system available on the market. As a result, ideas evolve into solutions and solutions into projects.

You can apply with your idea in one of five categories until December 31, 2021. As a participant, you are supported in the implementation of your idea by specialist mentors from Bosch Rexroth and the partners of ctrlX World. The ctrlX AUTOMATION Community provides you with a platform where our experts are personally available for questions and discussions related to the competition.

Of course, you are also given the necessary hardware and software: the Challenge Kit includes the ctrlX CORE and a few goodies – you will be given other ctrlX AUTOMATION components individually after consultation.

During the entire challenge, there will be continuous communication between the participants and Bosch Rexroth via social media. You can report on your project in video calls and present partial results.

The implementation phase runs until April 30, 2022. Afterwards the finalists will be selected. These then have the opportunity to present their results to the jury in a pitch event. The jury evaluates the ideas and implementation methods and selects the winners at an award ceremony.

Our brand ambassador

Céline Flores Willers is one of the best-known German influencers on LinkedIn. She was awarded with LinkedIn Top Voice in 2018 and 2019 for her contributions on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship and future trends. She is now followed by over 100,000 professionals and shares her expertise in personal branding and corporate influencing with teams and individuals in various training formats. Due to the high demand, Céline has spun off her venture as a company, “The People Branding Company”. Her clients include many well-known companies, such as Accenture and ERGO. Since the beginning of 2021, Céline can also call herself co-editor & co-author of the Spiegel bestseller "Future Republic".

Challenge accepted – The process at a glance

September 21, 2021

Start of registration phase

December 31, 2021

Registration deadline

January 2022

Getting ready

Selection of participants, bringing them together with mentors, handing out the Challenge Kits

February – April 2022

ctrlX developR challenge

Projects are carried out and supported by mentors via ctrlX AUTOMATION Community, documentation of partial results on social media and www.ctrlx-developr-challenge.com

May 2022


Selecting the finalists for the pitch event

May 2022

Pitch Event – The stage is yours

Pitch of the solutions, evaluation by jury, announcing the winners



The categories

Our five categories turn the most diverse areas and fields of application of ctrlX AUTOMATION into launch pads for your idea.

Simplify engineering

Who connects complex processes, systems and applications and makes them quicker, simpler and easier to operate? From IoT solutions and Node-RED to the use of power functions for automating engineering routines.

Extend and connect

Who extends the existing ctrlX AUTOMATION infrastructure in the cleverest, most creative and the most useful way? Everything revolves around extensions, APIs and robotics projects here.

Smarten up automation

Who teaches systems to think, work and play independently and without supervision? With AI applications or for example condition monitoring solutions.

Empower the user

Who uses the ctrlX AUTOMATION tools most effectively in order to maximize the benefits and simplify operation? From human-computer interaction and mobile automation and robotics to projects with a positive influence on society and our planet.

Create your own

Who has an idea for a completely new application which goes beyond all imagination and the given categories?

Apply now!

This is how it works:

  1. By clicking on the red button you will get to the registration form.
  2. Enter your contact details and all data regarding your project idea.
  3. Then simply submit your application by clicking the “Submit” button.



Conditions of participation


Frequently asked questions

Who can take part in the challenge?

The ctrlX developR Challenge is aimed at ambitious developers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, North America, France, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, UK, Ireland, Denmark. The competition is just right for you, if you are familiar with software engineering.

How much does it cost to attend?

Participation is free of charge.

What benefits do I get from taking part?

We offer you the opportunity to turn your exciting ideas into reality. You can work with tomorrow's technology today and experience how the industrial control ctrlX CORE offers completely new degrees of freedom and surmounts previous boundaries. In addition, you will meet well-known personalities from the automation industry and can exchange ideas directly with our developers.

When and how will I get informed if I have been accepted?

Send us your application for the ctrlX developR Challenge until December 31, 2021.
Starting on January 05, 2022, you will receive an email from us informing you whether you have been accepted.

When will I get more details?

We are planning a virtual kick-off event in the beginning of February 2022, in which we will introduce ctrlX AUTOMATION as a whole, highlight all development-related topics and bring together all those involved in the challenge. More information will follow, we will keep you updated continuously.

When will the pitch event take place?

The pitch event will take place in May. The exact date will be announced at a later date.

How are the winners determined?

The winners will be selected by a jury. The exact composition of the jury will be announced in the beginning of February 2022. Decisive criteria for the evaluation are:

1) Idea & approach

2) Technical methods & implementation

3) Added value, potential & marketing concept

4) Final pitch presentation

I have applied but unfortunately, I cannot participate. What do I have to do?

Please inform us as early as possible by mail (ctrlX.automation@boschrexroth.com) if you want to withdraw your application. Then we can give the available position to other interested applicants.

I still have unanswered questions, whom can I contact?

Your question has not been answered in our FAQs? Feel free to write to us in the ctrlX developR Challenge forum of the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community and we will answer you as soon as possible.

ctrlX AUTOMATION Community

Register now and connect with fellow developers. Questions and discussions related to the ctrlX developR Challenge are welcome here.

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