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XLean Flow Rack

The flow rack system XLean is a particularly cost-effective means for material supply. It consists of an aluminum profile and steel hinged feet which can be switched with casters based on your need. This configuration includes roller rails that provide easy access to material supply, and thanks to an efficient rack design, can be expanded or converted as required.
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Lean Flow Rack

The Lean flow rack system is characterized by great flexibility and versatility. The sturdy aluminum frame with lockable rubber casters make it easy to move th erack withou damaging your floor. Conveyor track rails help provide timely material replenishment, while also preventing surplus line-side inventory.
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Custom Workstation

Manual workstations provide flexible working conditions and components to create the optimal layout for any individual. This configuration comes complete with standard 3-ring information board for clear display of work-related instructions, along with glare-free lamp system and integrated power strip. For seated activities, the ergonomic swivel chair and rubber footrest help promote safe, efficient posture.
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Production Desk

For less intensive seated activities, this customized desk offeres a basic solution that fulfills typical worker requirements. The large table top provides versatile workspace for any type of work. Materials are easy to reach with an ergonomic grab ledge that helps organize small assembly components. The adjustable desk chair and footrest, combined with easy-access bottle holder ensures safety and comfort while working.
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