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GoTo Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is GoTo Solutions and how is it different from the GoTo Program?

GoTo Solutions is an initiative to help introduce customers to the wide variety of systems and machines they can build using materials featured in the GoTo Focused Delivery Program. Each Solution is an example of what customers can design and build using part numbers that are a part of the GoTo offering.

How often will the GoTo Solutions site be updated with new systems?

We will add new GoTo Solutions regularly throughout the year, so make sure to sign-up for our eNews and follow us on social media so you never miss an update. Plus, if there are certain applications or technologies you would like to see featured in GoTo Solutions, simply let us know via the inquiry link above.

How does GoTo Solutions benefit me and my company?

Whether a large manufacturer or small to mid-size business operator, you need suppliers and processes that you can rely on to stay successful. With our GoTo Program, customers can expect consistent, market-best lead times on many of our highest quality products. By developing pre-configured systems out of these GoTo part numbers for customers to quickly order, GoTo Solutions helps you reclaim the time and effort it took to create a well-designed system in addition to best-in-class delivery.

Will Rexroth provide a complete system with the GoTo lead time?

When it comes to purchasing a Solution, your GoTo order will consist of the various components to build the full system. Since lead times may vary based on the type of GoTo material, we cannot offer a singular lead time per system.

Who should I contact if I have a question about a GoTo system or components?

If you have a question regarding the GoTo Program, or would like to know more about a certain solution, please use the Send Inquiry button to get in contact with us. Otherwise, you may use the Find Distributor button to get in contact with your area's sales representative.


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