The new Rexroth Login

Our authentication platform for digital services at Bosch Rexroth AG changed since February 24. For more information regarding your first login please read our onboarding documentation.
If you face technical difficulties or have questions regarding login or registration please look at our FAQ at the bottom of this page.
If your question is still not answered please contact your Bosch Rexroth contact person or send us a mail:

See our Onboarding Documentation:

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Tips at a glance | FAQ

  • What happened with my Rexroth Account?
    We migrated your Rexroth account to the Bosch-ID. All your permissions stay the same, however you will now login with your e-mail instead of your free user name. Please read the attached onboarding documentation.
  • What do I need to do now?
    Because we could not migrate your password, you need to go through the registration process of the Bosch ID. A step by step manual can be found at the onboarding documents.
  • Can I use the same password as before?
    You can set your old password again, if it matches the new password complexity rules.
  • I followed the manual. However I got the error: "This email already exists". What do I do?
    This means you already have a Bosch-ID. You can login right away. If you don't remember your password please click on "Forgot password" and follow the instructions there.
  • I completed the registration, but I cannot access the eshop or myRexroth like usual!
    The reason is probably, that you registered a different e-mail than the one that was registered in our old systems. Please contact your Bosch Rexroth contact person or send us a mail: Please provide us your previous username for a quicker help process.
  • Where can I find functions like "password forgotten"?
    A list with all important links can be found on this page at "Functions | Processes"

Functions | Processes